Thank you and Asante Sana

By Hashi in London

The World Cup has been well and truly won. The trophy did not have to travel far in the end, all it had to do really was hop over the Med from Rome to Madrid. But the greatest sporting spectacle brought the whole world to Africa. South Africa has put on quite a show and with it demonstrated that Africa has well and truly arrived.

This project almost never happened. It was a feat which almost cost us too much, in both money and spirit, but in the end great people came together to achieve great things. Through the internet classrooms during the day we managed to train many able young girls, and they will in turn go on to touch the lives of many more. Life in Kilifi will never be the same again. In the evenings, weather permitting, we gathered locals from far afield to come together and watch a simple game of football. The smiles were broad, the delight self-evident. These are the small things that people never forget.

None of this would have been possible without the keen volunteers, many of whom had no idea what they were getting themselves into, all of whom sacrificed their time to share their expertise. Most of you had the faith and you have made the difference in the lives of thousands. Although no words can do justice to the gratitude we all feel, a measly thank you/asante sana is offered as a form of recognition.

To Harshad, who believed and refused to stop believing right from the start, without whom none of this would have been possible, we will always be eternally grateful for your priceless efforts. Well done for keeping all those balls in the air at the same time, your cool, calm and collected ways were a pleasure to observe. I learnt more than you will ever know.

is not possible” was the most prevalent three words during our time hopping from Ministry to Ministry trying to clear the goods – but we not only showed that it was possible, but that we could do it despite all setbacks. The project turned out to be everything I had dreamed about and much, much more.

Well done guys again and thank you. And a special Thank You to the people of Kilifi and MTG for allowing us into their lives, we hope that we have been useful to you.


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MTG Journalists in the making

By Fiona in Kilifi

Yesterday some of the peer educators at MTG wrote articles on the events of the weekend at MTG;  A local girls football tournament organised by MTG and the screening of the world cup final.  It allowed the girls to practice word processing as well as their writing skills.  These will also be passed to MTG staff in case they want to print them in the MTG newsletter.  I haven’t subbed them, so you can see how good they are at English and at word processing.


It was on Saturday when the MTGK had the primary schools football finals. This was organised by the organisation itself. The tournaments were played at the MTG K Mnarani ground.

The games started at around 9:00am.It was Dzikunze who played against Marere primary school.

Finally Dzikunze won the game!

It was so amazing to see the girls winning the match for I couldn’t imagine such girls could play like boys! For real it was so beautiful.

To conclude on this is,I would like to congratulate all girls who play football .Also I would like to tell you that football is for all not for only Men! Also girls can.’TUNAWEZA’ this means ‘WE CAN’ as the MTGK states. Go! Go! Go on girls! Cheer up girls!

This was written by,Happy Julius, Janet Jumah and Lucy Mrima all from Moving The Goalposts Kilifi Kenya.


The show of the world cup finals hits kilifi district people.The show took place at Mnarani primary school on 11july 2010.The function was organised by MTG with an assistance from the field of dream group main events that took place were dancers from hot stars cabaret show,confuser J with her song [Halua] which was really interesting and making more people coming for the show. Truly everyone who attended the show was very happy especially the final day which was lively shown at Mnarani ground .People also felt very happy with the free show of the world cup with no charge.

We are very much thank full to Mtg, field of dream group and all people who supported us.We hope the coming world cup will be even more better than this time. Bye to every one and have a nice time.




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The end has no end

By Andy in Kilifi

It’s the morning after the night before in Kilifi and what a night before it was. Dancing, singing, children’s films – crowned by the sparkling gem that was the World Cup Final.

The crowd started to gather in the late afternoon watching the set up for the evenings’ celebrations but it really came to life when a local tribal dancers energised the biggest crowd seen by the Field of Dreams project.

World Cup Final screening set up

World Cup Final screening set up

The local Mnarani children cheered and jeered when photos of their friends were shown on the big screen and when Janet from MTG sang her new song the crowd were sent into raptures.

Local Mnarani Children

Local Mnarani Children

As the World Cup Final drew near fears over the live satellite feed being lost led to a few nervous minutes but we switched over as scheduled just as the players were walking out onto the pitch.  The crowd grew even larger, stretching back into the darkness as the match kicked off prompting calls for everyone to sit down so those far back could get a glimpse of their favourite players.

The generators had been refilled to see us through the night and preparations were being made as the liklihood of penalties grew by the minute and an early morning finish beckoned.  Spain had other ideas though and during extra time wrapped up the World Cup with a 1-0 win, sending the crowd home happy before 1am.

This morning we find ourselves dismantling the satellite truck and winding down the project but this isn’t the end of the road for Field of Dreams.  Preparations are being made to hand over the equipment to the very able hands of MTG and their newly skilled peer educators so they can continue the legacy of IT education and free screenings for the local communities of coastal Kenya, so in many ways this is just the beginning not the end.

I can’t say it any better so I’ll just borrow the words of MTG’s Peris: “Tunamshukuru mungu kwa mwanzo mzuri na nguvu za kuendeleza huduma hii” – we thank God for the good start and the strength to carry this project on.

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By Andy in Kilifi

Yesterday the big event finally hit Kilifi.  Not the World Cup Final but an even bigger football match… MTG staff and Peer Educators vs the Field of Dreams Volunteers.

It was a frantic battle, real end-to-end play but due to a cacophony of reasons, namely that they were a lot better than us, we found ourselves 3-0 down at half time.

In the second half we picked ourselves up vowing not leave Africa in a whimper like the other players representing our fair country.

Our referee Joyce blew the final whistle and the girls’ celebrated as if they had won the Jules Rimet Trophy.  We had scrapped our way back to more respectable score of 3-2 but in truth we were soundly beaten.

MTG may be using football as a vehicle to educate and empower the girls of coastal Kenya but as a by-product they have created some really talented players.  Whether their future involves football or not, these girls are developing a range of skills and the confidence to face the challenges in their modern, tech-savvy country.

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One Hundred and Twenty Footballs

By Alison in Kilifi

120 Google footballs made it to Kenya. 120 footballs were passed out to MTG staff, worn out during lunch time pick-up games, and given away at World Cup screenings. All 120 footballs, gone. Or so we thought.

On Monday, Andy and I uncovered a lone deflated Google football buried in our equipment room, tucked away like the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Raiders. We pumped up the ball and booked it towards the local pitch.

That’s when we discovered that if you have a football in Kilifi, kids will find you. They pop up out of tall grass, step out from behind grazing cows, and drop down from branches ready for a game.

A Brit, a Yank, a handful of local school girls in uniform, and a mob of scrappy boys with bare feet all charged the field. Rather than their standard game ball (a piece of tire wrapped tightly into a ball with long grass), we kicked around a proper football. An hour later, Andy and I returned, exhausted, and still in shock at the chip shot that sailed over Andy’s 6’4” header attempt for a goal.

Now we’re expected. In the afternoons, we grab a ball and spend a little time getting familiar (and competitive) with the community that surrounds MTG; a community that is particularly fond of football.

An important note for Americans: Football, in this case, is soccer. I know, confusing, huh?

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Be Happy!

By Doreeen

Thick smoke weaves up in the cool evening air. The aroma of an assortment of vegetables steaming in the open fire rents the air.

This is the sight that meet my eye as we arrive in a remote part of Ganze, in Kilifi district . We are here for a screening of the World Cup match and the young boys and girls at our location Tsangaliweni Primary school are busy making their evening meal.

Despite them having meager ingredients, they are happy as the stir their food with wooden spoons once in a while scooping some morsel.

As we set up the screens, one shy girl beckons me and invites me to share their meal! They are so eager to be through with it so that they catch up with the match as it starts!

Their simplicity humbled me. I have been volunteering in MTG for the last five days. What really attracts me is that everyone is so warm and humble. We interact daily with a community that lives a day at a time, step by step. Yet the beauty of it all lies in their simplicity. Everyone is so cooperative and they is always a happy cheer! Indeed, happiness is not perfected until it is shared. MTG is a wholesome home and am glad to be part of the happy community!

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Washing Hands Video

Please use the link, here, to watch the latest video from the Moving the Goalposts team. This film was created, written and starred the aforementioned ladies and was filmed by Kenya Field of Dreams project volunteers with equipment sponsored by Google. We hope you enjoy this educational video as much as the ladies enjoyed making it. Please add your comments below.

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