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IT Lessons with the MTG Girls

by Jon Jones One of my goals here as a an IT techie is to teach the Moving the Goalposts local volunteer girls so that they can feel as confident as possible with Information Technology. Despite little previous experience they … Continue reading

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What Happens at Full Time

By Tony in Kilifi The half time whistle for phase 2 has been blown, and counting my remaining Malarone tablets reminds me phase 3 will soon arrive to take the reins. Our thoughts now turn towards what happens when the … Continue reading

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The REAL cavalry have arrived!

By Chris B in Kilifi, picture by Simon At around 5pm yesterday, Hashi, Max, Abdul, Samson and a satellite truck arrived to everybody’s collective relief. They were expecting to arrive around a week ago, but were faced with a long … Continue reading

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Paying Respects and Packing Up

By Hashi in Nairobi. This morning there was a special feeling. We are nearly there. I had slept well full in the knowledge that most of my work was now done. Last night I left the engineers Max and Dan … Continue reading

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Haraka Haraka Hakuna Baraka

By Max in Nairobi Yesterday, it seemed like this grande tour of grimy tube lit waiting rooms, government offices and choking streets would continue ad infinitum, and I would never even see Kilifi, I was almost beat. Despite the fact … Continue reading

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Giraffes? Giraffes!

By Max in Nairobi After the most frustrating Friday the 11th of June ever, with our cargo seemlingly slipping away like the ball from Rob Greens hands, we decided that our hands were tied until Monday. Eager to ditch the … Continue reading

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Anything to declare?

By Max in Nairobi …..Yes, don’t ever try to ship anything to Kenya. A slow start to the day. One of our two candidate 4x4s arrived in Nairobi centre, but sans roof bars. No good. Our other vehicle, a Toyota … Continue reading

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