The greatest sporting spectacle is arriving in Africa in less than a month and parts of the continent may never get to see the games. While Africans listen to the radio more than any other continent, there are places where T.V. has yet to penetrate. Be that as it may, the stories of Pele and Diego Maradona have reached the far corners of the continent and football remains today the most popular sport in Africa.

A conversation that began over two years ago is now about to culminate in the ‘Kenya Field of Dreams’ Project.  We will use satellite technology to re-broadcast football games on large screens to the local people of Kilifi and surrounding areas. A pilot outdoor football screening was held in Rwanda to test this idea.

Development partners are UKSPORT, Google and  Moving The Goalposts a Kenyan womens development project which empowers girls in Kilifi, Ganze and Kaloleni district through football. MTG, Google and UKSPORT will use additional broadcast content and mobile classrooms to inform, educate and engage the local people.

As we set out for Kenya in a few days, we hope that (for at least those who we reach) the games are not some distant spectacle far away. Because this time the football is being kicked around in their own backyard.


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  2. Dear reader,

    Is there a Kenya Field of Dreams screen up and soon running?

    Let me know,


    +254 736 746 312

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