Thank you and Asante Sana

By Hashi in London

The World Cup has been well and truly won. The trophy did not have to travel far in the end, all it had to do really was hop over the Med from Rome to Madrid. But the greatest sporting spectacle brought the whole world to Africa. South Africa has put on quite a show and with it demonstrated that Africa has well and truly arrived.

This project almost never happened. It was a feat which almost cost us too much, in both money and spirit, but in the end great people came together to achieve great things. Through the internet classrooms during the day we managed to train many able young girls, and they will in turn go on to touch the lives of many more. Life in Kilifi will never be the same again. In the evenings, weather permitting, we gathered locals from far afield to come together and watch a simple game of football. The smiles were broad, the delight self-evident. These are the small things that people never forget.

None of this would have been possible without the keen volunteers, many of whom had no idea what they were getting themselves into, all of whom sacrificed their time to share their expertise. Most of you had the faith and you have made the difference in the lives of thousands. Although no words can do justice to the gratitude we all feel, a measly thank you/asante sana is offered as a form of recognition.

To Harshad, who believed and refused to stop believing right from the start, without whom none of this would have been possible, we will always be eternally grateful for your priceless efforts. Well done for keeping all those balls in the air at the same time, your cool, calm and collected ways were a pleasure to observe. I learnt more than you will ever know.

is not possible” was the most prevalent three words during our time hopping from Ministry to Ministry trying to clear the goods – but we not only showed that it was possible, but that we could do it despite all setbacks. The project turned out to be everything I had dreamed about and much, much more.

Well done guys again and thank you. And a special Thank You to the people of Kilifi and MTG for allowing us into their lives, we hope that we have been useful to you.


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