MTG Journalists in the making

By Fiona in Kilifi

Yesterday some of the peer educators at MTG wrote articles on the events of the weekend at MTG;  A local girls football tournament organised by MTG and the screening of the world cup final.  It allowed the girls to practice word processing as well as their writing skills.  These will also be passed to MTG staff in case they want to print them in the MTG newsletter.  I haven’t subbed them, so you can see how good they are at English and at word processing.


It was on Saturday when the MTGK had the primary schools football finals. This was organised by the organisation itself. The tournaments were played at the MTG K Mnarani ground.

The games started at around 9:00am.It was Dzikunze who played against Marere primary school.

Finally Dzikunze won the game!

It was so amazing to see the girls winning the match for I couldn’t imagine such girls could play like boys! For real it was so beautiful.

To conclude on this is,I would like to congratulate all girls who play football .Also I would like to tell you that football is for all not for only Men! Also girls can.’TUNAWEZA’ this means ‘WE CAN’ as the MTGK states. Go! Go! Go on girls! Cheer up girls!

This was written by,Happy Julius, Janet Jumah and Lucy Mrima all from Moving The Goalposts Kilifi Kenya.


The show of the world cup finals hits kilifi district people.The show took place at Mnarani primary school on 11july 2010.The function was organised by MTG with an assistance from the field of dream group main events that took place were dancers from hot stars cabaret show,confuser J with her song [Halua] which was really interesting and making more people coming for the show. Truly everyone who attended the show was very happy especially the final day which was lively shown at Mnarani ground .People also felt very happy with the free show of the world cup with no charge.

We are very much thank full to Mtg, field of dream group and all people who supported us.We hope the coming world cup will be even more better than this time. Bye to every one and have a nice time.




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