By Andy in Kilifi

Yesterday the big event finally hit Kilifi.  Not the World Cup Final but an even bigger football match… MTG staff and Peer Educators vs the Field of Dreams Volunteers.

It was a frantic battle, real end-to-end play but due to a cacophony of reasons, namely that they were a lot better than us, we found ourselves 3-0 down at half time.

In the second half we picked ourselves up vowing not leave Africa in a whimper like the other players representing our fair country.

Our referee Joyce blew the final whistle and the girls’ celebrated as if they had won the Jules Rimet Trophy.  We had scrapped our way back to more respectable score of 3-2 but in truth we were soundly beaten.

MTG may be using football as a vehicle to educate and empower the girls of coastal Kenya but as a by-product they have created some really talented players.  Whether their future involves football or not, these girls are developing a range of skills and the confidence to face the challenges in their modern, tech-savvy country.

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