Be Happy!

By Doreeen

Thick smoke weaves up in the cool evening air. The aroma of an assortment of vegetables steaming in the open fire rents the air.

This is the sight that meet my eye as we arrive in a remote part of Ganze, in Kilifi district . We are here for a screening of the World Cup match and the young boys and girls at our location Tsangaliweni Primary school are busy making their evening meal.

Despite them having meager ingredients, they are happy as the stir their food with wooden spoons once in a while scooping some morsel.

As we set up the screens, one shy girl beckons me and invites me to share their meal! They are so eager to be through with it so that they catch up with the match as it starts!

Their simplicity humbled me. I have been volunteering in MTG for the last five days. What really attracts me is that everyone is so warm and humble. We interact daily with a community that lives a day at a time, step by step. Yet the beauty of it all lies in their simplicity. Everyone is so cooperative and they is always a happy cheer! Indeed, happiness is not perfected until it is shared. MTG is a wholesome home and am glad to be part of the happy community!

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